Founded in January 2009, Grace had the opportunity to start the law firm during the biggest real estate recession in history. The opportunities and challenge to start the practice during a depressed market, is a testament to the level of service, dedication, hard work and true love for real estate, we give to each and every closing we earn from our clients. Today, Grace Chun & Associates LLC is a flourishing boutique, full-service, closing law firm with a dedicated real estate network of clients all over Georgia.

Our goal is to make the closing process a smooth and amazing one for everyone. We know that people remember how they feel when they leave our office and how important it is to make it a great transaction. Our experienced staff knows that every situation is unique. However, we have handled thousands of similar transactions throughout Georgia and we always get the job done. Everyone leaves happy when they close with our firm!

Grace Chun & Associates LLC can assist you with a variety of legal needs. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Resale Residential Real Estate Closings
  • New Construction Residential Closings
  • Commercial light transactions
  • Builder/Developer Services
  • Construction Loans
  • Lender services
  • REO Transactions
  • Relocation

No matter your legal Real Estate need, we can help. You’ll receive legal expertise that’s professional, dedicated and personal.

Contact us today to schedule your transactions.

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